Golfers and Sponsors! We LOVE YOU ALL… Be a Sponsor this year, 2021 for the 11TH Annual Topping Brothers Golf Tournament at The Oaks Club at Valencia

Topping Brothers Golf Tournament Join Us for an amazing day at The Oaks Club, Monday 11-15-21

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You Can Donate, you can Sponsor, you can Help Us Beat and Find a Solution to Autism!


Topping Brothers, We’re gonna Play Golf and have Fun, and help increase awareness about Autism this November 2021…

Harry Topping and The Topping Brothers Rock…

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Increase Awareness about Autism – Topping Brothers Golf Invitational

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The Topping Brothers raise money for those struggling with autism now. The net proceeds raised goes directly to Autism Speaks for such things as, Advancing Breakthroughs in Autism Research, Increasing Global Understanding and Acceptance and so much more. While supporting Autism Speaks is our main goal at this point. We are planning a foundation with longer term battle plans such as providing scholarships for families that cannot afford the therapies that are available.

Visit our site to register for this event, become a sponsor, or donate!