Social Media Update for the upcoming 13th Annual Topping Brothers Golf Invitational.

We wish to extend an invitation and thanks for your support, sponsorships and donations. We will continue to the fight against Autism and create awareness! As General Patton said, “get in the battle so you can feel what it’s like to be victorious.”. 😎🎉

We will never stop fighting to beat autism.

Join us in 2023 for the 13th Annual Topping Brothers Golf Invitational. Keep your eyes on Social Media for updates.

The 12th Annual Topping Brothers Tournament – was again held at The Oaks Club Valencia. November 14, 2022 and was an huge success!

Team Topping broke another fundraising record for Autism Awareness😎.

Thanks again to all who Participated.

Don’t miss out next year. Keep your eyes on the Topping Brothers!

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It is a great opportunity for Sponsors and Participants to play golf at The Oaks Club Valencia, while also supporting a very worthwhile cause.

Visit ToppingBrothers.ORG

Increase Awareness about Autism – Topping Brothers Golf Invitational